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Surprises and activities

surf hostel activities

New surprises and activities at the Surf Hostel!

We make sure you enjoy chill holiday vibes here – both your taste buds and body will thank you.

Dinner Nights: Pacho, our Colombian chef, prepares a tasty three-course meal for us! The menu changes from exotic Caribbean food, delicious Mexican dishes and fancy American burgers. Pacho knows how to make hungry surfers happy. Always with an appetizer, main course and dessert with fresh amazing cocktails. Join us for the perfect summer nights filled with great conversations and making connections with new friends.

Yoga Classes: Not into surfing, but still looking to keep your body in shape? Good news! We’ve teamed up with dynamic yoga instructors who offer Yoga classes (different styles) at amazing locations around Biarritz. Ask Surf Hostel staff for more information.

We only provide the activity from April to October.

Surf Lesson

alex in the water with a surf student next to him on a softboard

Go surfing with Axel

The Surf Hostel is proud to partner with Axel Lerga, experienced surf teacher, to offer lessons to our guests. Axel has over 30 years of surf experience. He has participated in several surf competitions as a member of team Pole France and been officially sponsored by many surf brands. These days, Axel focuses on sharing his passion for surf with others, introducing them to his “surf playground” – the many exceptional surf breaks along the coast of Biarritz and surrounding areas. He offers private and group lessons for surfers of all levels (from beginner to advanced) in English, French and Spanish. As a guest of the Surf Hostel, you receive a special package price that includes surf lesson, wetsuit, surfboard and local transport to Marbella beach.
Don’t miss out! Book your lesson in advance by contacting us or contact Axel directly (please mention you are a Surf Hostel Biarritz guest). Also check out our incredible new Surf Camp deals for Spring, Summer and Fall!

We only provide Surf class activity from April to October.

Languages classes

inspire academy

At The Inspire Academy we provide language learning through activities!

If you are planning a trip to France, and want to learn a language during your stay, we offer English, French and Spanish immersion classes together with the discovery of the Basque Country, while taking part in inspiring experiences and fun activities! We use methods which encourage free expression and applied learning.

You will experience :

– Socially interactive language classes adapted to the needs and expectations of each student.
– Real life practice, experience, and cultural knowledge
– Help with school assignments or preparation for school exams in a positive learning environment.
– Activities like nature walks, tree climbing, painting, photography, food tastings, picnics, yoga sessions, rock climbing

Bike Rental

bicycle rack with bikes

Bikes with Surfboardrack Hire

We, at Surf Hostel Biarritz, always look for ways to offer new services to make you feel at home and provide you the freedom to explore your new surroundings at your own pace. This year, we’ve got bikes with surfboard racks for rent!
Rental price is 15€ / day. Bikes can be rented from 8 am daily. Enjoy the freedom of roaming the French beaches to find the perfect surf spot or head out for a day trip towards the Pyrenees mountains! It’s all up to you.

History from 2015 to today

the feder family

I, Dörte, joined the Surf Hostel Team in 2015 when the founders moved back to Australia. At first, I managed just the original Biarritz location. Then in 2016, I took over management of both the Biarritz and Bidart hostels. It was a perfect fit for me. I was combining my job with family life and working with a great team, all while providing travelers an memorable hostel experience. In 2018, the Parentys closed the Bidart location and my husband, Thomas and I decided to buy the Biarritz Hostel to continue the vision.
We’re committed to giving you the best holiday experience, and work passionate to raise the quality and standards of the Hostel for our customers. Since taking over, we’ve renovated all the rooms and bathrooms, launched a new webpage and booking system, and gathered a new fresh fleet of surfboards, bikes and wetsuits.
It makes us happy creating a space where travelers from all over the world can meet, relax, surf, and discover the beautiful Biarritz coastline and city – or simply enjoy a relaxed time together with old and new friends. At the Surf Hostel, you’ll find the perfect place to share your culture, ideas, sports and food with open-minded and fun-loving people. Our aim is that you go home feeling refreshed, energized and better than before you arrived.
Our motto is Come as a guest and leave as a friend. I myself, am originally from Germany, spent years travelling across Europe without a fixed address, and finally made Biarritz my home in 2004. I know how it feels to come to a place without knowing the culture, language and people – and the joy of finding a place and people that make you feel at home. We strive to give you that experience. Join our hostel family and find a space under our roof where you can feel welcome, safe and relaxed. Come and check it out for yourself

In the Beginning

The Surf Hostel story began in the summer of 2009. Christophe and Melissa Parenty were serving as Christian missionaries in Biarritz and had opened a English language school. They were living in a 5-bedroom apartment with their 6 children, when their landlord offered them another lease on a 3-bedroom apartment directly below. An idea came to them! Why not transform the 3-bedroom apartment to a hostel with a package offer – Bed + Breakfast + Bike + Surfboard? And that’s what they did.
Guests started arriving, and fast. The demand was so great that the Parenty family soon moved from their large apartment upstairs to the smaller apartment downstairs. With the extra rooms, the Surf Hostel could now host up to 15 guests. As the workload increased, people joined to help in exchange for room and board. That initial summer flew by in a whirlwind of excitement and learning on the run….. Through it all, Christophe and Melissa wanted the Biarritz Surf Hostel to be a place where people could experience a community where God was present.
the parenty family
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