Like Saint-Tropez on Côte d’Azur that was made fashionable in the ’60s by the famous Brigitte Bardot, Biarritz was transformed from a sleepy fishers town into a glamorous destination by Empress Eugenie de Montijo, the wife of Napoleon III. Empress Eugenie made Biarritz and the Basque Coast her favorite summer destination. Biarritz is an elegant city and the perfect destination for those who seek the art of good living, delicious food, sports, relaxation, culture and creativity. Nature has given Biarritz the best that can be offered: a magnificent climate all year round and fresh, invigorating air. You can find varied landscapes, from the gorgeous Biarritz beaches, majestic Pyrenees mountains and rolling green hills of the Basque country. Guests will find surf spots, golf and rugby fields, Basque pelota courts, festival spaces and an exceptional environment. Surfing has given the city another title – the European surfing capital.
And it’s easy to get here! Biarritz is just a 1-2 hour flight away from Paris and many other European cities. Two airports are nearby: the Biarritz – Pays Basque airport (5 minute drive away) and San Sebastian airport (20 minutes away).


Surf's up

Surfers can find a large variety of quality surf spots. Just within Biarritz you can access different spots suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced surfers. Your Surf Hostel Biarritz hosts are happy to help you find the surf spot perfect for you. There’s a reason that Biarritz is the European surf capital. You can find surf the whole year around.

Eat & Drink

Bars & Restaurants

Great food and drinks are one of the main attractions in Biarritz to enjoy. Immerse yourself into the French culture – meet with friends to share a nice bottle of wine and delicious food. It’s a perfect time to chat and get to know this friendly, open culture and language. Here are a few of our favorite places.
soft drinks, wine and beer


musicians on the stage

Regional Events

Biarritz provides a large offering of different cultural and music events each year. From music festivals, motorbike racing and surfing competitions, Biarritz has it all. Come discover all the events at this beautiful traveler‘s destination.

What's nearby?

Hostel Surrounding

We are located in the heart of Biarritz, tucked away in a calm neighbourhood just 5 minutes from Lake Marion, a fantastic lake and wooded park, and a 20 minute walk from the beautiful beaches, shopping and restaurants in the center of Biarritz.
lake marion
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