Is a hostel the same as a hotel?

The difference between a hostel and a hotel is that in the hotel you book a room and in a hostel you book a bed. And in our surf hostel, you even have a surf board (and breakfast) included – even better!


How old is the house?

The house was build in 1580. It has a unique history as being formerly owned by the Guiness family.


I am not a surfer, could I still book a bed in the hostel?

Yes, very welcome. Many people who visit the hostel have never surfed before, but many of them are willing to try. You could try surfing too, maybe you will like it 🙂


I work on my computer for 2h a day. Is there a quiet space where I can concentrate and work?

Yes, we have a little co-working space with electrical outlets and lights. If you have a meeting or need absolute silence, you could also reserve a desk at Tropica Co-working next door at La Ruche (https://laruchebiarritz.fr/).


I don’t speak French very well, can I speak in another language with you?

Of course, we all speak English or even another third language. We will always find a way to communicate, no worries!


I am travelling in my van. Could I sleep in the parking lot and take a shower in the hostel?

We try to give the best experience and security to our guests, so the only way to pass the hostel door is with a reservation at the hostel.





Is it possible to do a late check-in?

Absolutely! You will find your private check-in information on the door at your arrival. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


What payment options do you have?

You can pay by card or in cash. 


Are towels and linen included in the price?

Yes, every booked bed is freshly made and comes with a fresh towel for the shower. 


Do you provide lockers?

We have as many lockers + locks as there are beds in every room.


Could I have a key?

For the private rooms you have a key, but the dormitories are open (you can lock your valuables in your locker).


Do you have wifi?

Yes, we have a fast wifi connection. You can stay connected at all times – but you don’t have to!


Is the parking for free?

There is a parking lot in front of the hostel, but the parking space is limited.


Can I book a whole room?

On our hostel website you book a bed, and in case you want to have the whole room for yourself, you have to book the other beds in the room as well. You can also choose our private double room Marbella or easily privatze the Milady room by reserving both beds.


I do the camino and get up early to leave. How does it work?

We would ask you to let us know the day before, so we can finalise any eventual rental contracts or payments. And we can say good-bye to you 🙂





I am vegan, is there alternative food for me?

Our breakfast is vegetarian, but there are vegan products, like fruits, cereal and dark bread. Feel free to bring your own products to complete this.


I don’t eat bread, what else could I eat?

We have croissants, fruits and different types of cereals… However, we cannot offer many options when you are following a gluten free diet.


I want to have an early surf session, could I have something to eat after 10am?

Breakfast time is from 8:30 to 9:30, after that time the kitchen is available for all guests, but then you have to organise your own food.


Could I have a super early breakfast? 

We can leave some fruits and cereals for you, but you have to ask a day before.


I would like to cook during my stay, is the kitchen available for guests?

Yes absolutely, you can use the kitchen every day from 10 am to 10pm.



SURFboards & surf lessons


Is a surfboard included?

Yes, a surfboard is included in the price for the bed. You can choose whichever board you like from our selection of shortboards, soft tops and longboards.


Do you provide wetsuits? What types of wetsuits do you have?

Yep, we gotcha! You can rent a wetsuit with us. Long wetsuits are 10€/day and short wetsuits cost 5€/day. We have wetsuits in different sizes and for different temperatures (along availability).


I have never surfed before, what should I do?

We have different options for you: You could just take a board and go, or we help you to organise a surf lesson with the surfschool, at the right time of the day following tides and conditions.


Where could I go, if I would like to have a surf lesson?

You can simply ask us at the reception and we can reserve your surf class (along availability) with our partner Private Surf School (https://privatesurfschoolbiarritz.com/).

Do you also have surfboards for better surfers?

We have multiple shortboards and longboards. We also rent two WYVE boards (fish and evolutive) for 25€/day. They are high-technology, 3D printed boards! Check them out, if you like: https://wyvesurf.com/. 


Which one is the best beach for beginners?

A great beach for beginners as well as Longboarders is Cote des Basques. This is also the closest beach from our hostel!


I come with my own surfboard. Is there some space to store it?

Yes, we do have some extra space next to our surfboards. We also provide tags for you to label the board clearly as your private board.


How long could I use the surfboard on my check-out day?

All equipment has to be returned until 13h. If you wish to rent for the rest of the day and we have enough availability, you can use the surfboard for a rental fee.



BIKE rental


How much does it cost to rent a bike?

The rental price for one day is 15€. If you take two days it costs 20€, three days 30€ and so on…


Do you have locks (and lights + helmets) for the bike?

Every bike comes with a lock. If you wish to use a helmet or lights, we can lend them to you.


How long could I use the bike for?

Generally we rent the bike for a full day and you can choose for how many days you would like to reserve it. You are staying a week and would like to reserve the bike for the whole time? No problem.


If I come with my own bike, is there a place to store it?

Yes, we do have (limited) space in the entrance area on the ground floor, where your bike is safe.


I stay in another place, could I rent your bikes or surfboards?

We can only provide surfboards and bikes to our own guests.





When I arrive I would like to connect with the others. How could I do that?

On the first floor of the hostel you find a QR code, which you could scan to integrate in our group. In the group all the guests can share where they are and what they plan to do for the day. Or you will might meet a few fellow travellers directly in the hostel.


I would like to discover Biarritz, where should I go?
Feel free to check out the information we provide on our website or ask at the reception for more recommendations.


What can I do when it rains?

In Biarritz and Bayonne you find some museum to visit, the ocean museum is very interesting. We also like to go to the climbing hall, for bouldering in Bayonne, which is called the Roof.





Could I always sit at the same place for breakfast?

If you are the first at the table you could pick your favourite place.


I love to share with others, could I cook for everybody? 

Very good idea, just join our whatsapp guest group, and ask the others if they would join.

Why do the rooms have names like beaches?

Biarritz has 6 beaches, so our rooms have the names of the 6 beaches.

How far can I ride my bike?
As far as you can get during your rental time 😉


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